6 things you should remember during an interview

An interview is often associated with a high level of confusion on what the employer expects from you, and a certain level of stress. However, the goal of an interview, in all its humbleness, is to sell your true self to the employer who is interviewing you.

Being authentic and personable is seen as some of the best characteristics a person can have, from the employer’s point of view, although this is often forgotten when presenting oneself. To improve your chances of getting the job you have your mind set on, we have listed 6 of the most important things to remember when you are engaging your next interview.

1. Be you

One of the most important things to remember during an interview, is to be yourself. An employer, who has been conducting hundreds if not thousands of interviews, will immediately know that you are not being honest.

Instead of trying to be the superhero version of yourself, you should be honest, as this is often more valued than a person overselling themselves. A better starting point than lying is often to familiarize yourself with the employer’s company values and services and explain how your skills will add even more value to the company in question.

2. Be authentic

It is a misconception that you have to be very unique, highly intelligent and extremely skillful to get a job. The truth is that most employers are looking for confident, self-thinking and engaging employees. Thereby not saying that your skill level does not matter, but it matters significantly less than you would think.

In an interview in the world of logistics, the most valued skill is to keep your head and mind in the right place and show that you have a good sense of overview and exceptional skill in handling stress.

3. Your experience is valued

The most important thing for an interview is not necessarily your decade-long education, although this makes for a great foundation. The most important thing is your experience, so remember to mention all relevant experience that you have collected throughout your working career!

When applying for a job in the logistics world, whether your experience is directly or indirectly related, it might create a certain value for the employer, which might be the thing that gets you that perfect dream position.

4. Your method of presentation

It’s quite common for employers to see people who presents themselves in a script-like manner, which creates more of a bad screenplay scenario, than a delightful interview. Practicing and presenting your curriculum vitae as a script, will most likely result in the employer thinking that you’re not able to think independently.

So, what to do? Instead of thinking of your CV like the script for your interview, do some research about the company and position that you are applying for, and mention how you are going to make the company reach its goals in the position and create value.

5. Don’t oversell

One of the best things to keep in mind during an interview, is that the employer should want you, not some kind of altered version of you that in reality does not have the skills that you stated that you had during the interview. This might possibly lead to a person being fired fairly quickly after being hired.

Having oversold yourself might result in you being stressed trying to read up on things that the employer now expects you to know, which will likely result in you having only bad workdays.

6. Be prepared

Being prepared is the single most important factor in getting you that perfect position in your dream company, as this is where you show the employer that you are the right man or woman for the job.

You have to look at your interview the same way you used to look at your oral exams in college, only with less theories. Take a few days to go through the things that you want to tell your future employer, so that you avoid scrambling around in stuff you don’t need to talk about during the interview.